Monday, December 30, 2013

Coastal Scents Hot Pots

I am always on the hunt for some good eye shadow. I especially love shadows in pot form, I like how compact it is store and when you have a lot of shadow, palettes are key
to being more organized. I purchased some Coastal Scents shadows called "Hot Pots"...cute huh? I thought it was....

I bought 28 of them to fill up a large Z Palette and they had 50% off all hot pots, so I spent just under $1. On the website the shadows will have a description of the type of shadow, some will say opaque and matte or shimmery and semi opaque. I liked knowing what shadows I was expecting pigmentation wise. I picked some of all we go...(don't mind my terrible swatches, I can't seem to get a good system yet. I will try and keep the review short and sweet!

First Row: Flesh Tone, Nude, Chamois Nude, Persian Peach, Oatmeal Tan, M14, Tuscany
Second Row: Light Taupe, kokomo  Cafe, Coconut Husk, Camel Taupe, Oktoberfest, Harvest Brown, New Terrain
Thrid Row: S38, Miami Spice, S08, Earth Rose, Burnt Umber, Maroon Berry, Violetta
Fourth Row: Wild Raisin, Edgy Eggplant, Deep Eggplant, CM03, CM04, Aurora Orange, S22

These are swatches of the first row of seven colors. The first shadow, Flesh Tone, is really pretty and reminds me of the texture of Stilas eye shadow in Kitten, not the same color, but just really pigmented and thick feeling, be careful with this one, make sure to tap off the excess. First two colors are shimmer, rest are matte.
These next shadows are a mix of cool and warm tones, I especially love the 5th color, Oktoberfest. The top row of shadows are really similar, when blended on the lid or into the crease there isn't much of a difference, but all of them are pigmented and aren't powdery. All of these are matte.

Not sure why this is blurry, oops. On the website, CS said the first two are a satin finish, I disagree. I think they are matte shadows with glitter. Satin normally means a nice sheen, this is like..two different textures. Matte and added glitter. I think they are good shadows, I just think the description is a bit off. The third is the same texture as the first shadow, Flesh Tone, really pigmented. The 4th shadow is more of a satin. The last 3 are matte. Can you tell I like matte shadows?

The first shadow here named, Wild Raisin is more pretty blended on the eye rather than swatched. I am in love with the third color Deep Eggpant, super pigmented and easy to work with with. Its a matte with different colored glitter in it. The last 4 are all matte except the second to last one, that is the same matte formula with glitter in it. They are especially pigmented but are a touch powdery.

I do really like these shadows. Most all of these are well pigmented, some more than others, but I think that is also the type of shadow too, like the website describes about some of these being different opaqueness. My only negative thing, if you can even say that, is that a lot of the shadows are a bit powdery, not all, some of my favorites aren't, like Oktoberfest, that reddened brown. So if you don't use a primer, some can tend to just blend away, and won't shop up as opaque as they can. I would recommend using a primer with these especially so the shadows can have something to stick to. I also got more matte shadows, which I find tend to be a more dry and powdery formula than shimmer colors, but these are not the worst matte shadows, they just aren't the best. However, they are still good, I will continue to use them and enjoy them, you just have to work with them a bit more, but in my opinion, for a buck, heck even two, you can't beat it! I would recommend all of these shades, none stood out as bad or horrible, just depends on personal preference if you like warmer or cooler shadows, I bought a good mix of both. I think you should give them a shot, can't beat the price!

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Dude i wish id gotten in on it the plus side is the fit my mac pro pallet downside is they dont adehere to the magnets but its ok with some double sided tape tht can be fixed