Thursday, December 26, 2013

Glambeautybox unboxing/setup/review

I change up my makeup storage what feels like every other week. Although, it was only been through 3 changes, I always look to find new ways to store it. I have been through those plastic containers you can find at Target or Walmart and through ikea furniture. I used to use the ikea Micke
two drawer desk. I loved that thing, but I outgrew it and it now is being used for my computer. I bought an ikea Alex 6 drawer that I was in love it, but when I purchased the vintage desk at a thrift store that I restored, I didn't need those big pieces of furniture, so I sold the Alex, but I still needed something to house what was in the Alex. I've been debating a bigger acrylic storage since last year, but couldn't muster up the courage to buy the Clear Cube or the Icebox, which are upwards of $300 and $400. There are other brands that sell these storage units like The Original Beauty Box and CosmoCube. I chose not to go with the first one because it wasn't big enough, it had the drawer depth that I was looking for (so I could store products standing up) but it lacked width and height. The CosmoCube was one I went back and fourth on. It came in close to the Glambeautybox but still fell short and its drawers were only a couple inches deep, so I wouldn't get it to hold as much product. I went with the Large Glambeauty box, there are two additional sizes, a small and a medium. The price was the same as the CosmoCube, about $200. While I know it is a lot of money, I was going to end up spending about that anyway because my other option was an alex 9 drawer from ikea (more drawers but half the width of the alex 6 drawers) because it would take up less space and house my makeup just fine, but that was $120 and then I'd buy the organizers and the 5 hour trip to ikea, so it averaged out.

The box wasn't available on the website, I don't think it is yet either, but check back often because they are due to arrive any day now, but anyways, Thomas (my fiance...sounds so fancy) emailed back and fourth and they agreed to make one available to purchase, and it arrived today! Be prepared, this is picture heavy...

The packaging was amazing. Double boxed and padded

This thing is huge. Seriously huge. Measures 16 inches in height and in width, and 14 inches deep. HUGE and HEAVY!

The acrylic is top notch and looks crystal clear. I put in the Naked 3 palette for a size comparison. I told you, HUGE!

This has 3 smaller drawers and 3 bigger. In this picture I removed the drawer and hadn't put it back yet.
I was testing them all to make sure they were good, encountered one problem I will go into later.
 Don't mind the little finger smudges, the acrylic was cold and my hands
 were warm! Does it remind anyone else of that Titanic scene.......?

 It took me about two hours to stuff this full and it holds a lot. It doesn't hold all my makeup, I split my makeup into my vanity and into this (makeup kit is in train case). Besides my everyday makeup, I decided to store bronzers, highlighters and blushes in the bottom drawer, the above that single eyeshadows and little trios and quads as well as a few small palettes that don't fit in the vanity and are too small to fit in the palette holder on my vanity. The drawer above that houses lipgloss and lip crayons, the drawer above that stores palettes that don't have a home, because they either don't fit or stand up weird (like the marc jacobs palettes). The next drawer holds eyeliners and lip pencils, I know MACs black track gel liner fits but I haven't tried paint pots or other gel liners, I will update later on that. Finally, the top drawer hold concealers and powder face makeup. So while it doesn't hold everything, it holds what I want it too. I could have put foundations in the bottom drawer but I like them in my vanity. I also have all my lipstick in my vanity as well as face primers, eye primers, little bits and bobs of other makeup that I use, but you get the picture. Posted below are pictures of the inside of the drawers.

Bottom drawer 4 1/2 inches deep

Lipgloss and Inglot lip palettes (4 palettes)

Eyeshadows and smaller palettes 

More palettes that aren't on the vanity itself

Eyeliners/Lipliners/stray eye primers

Concealers and face powders

The drawers are quite heavy, obviously, but I may move a few more things over to my vanity to lighten up the load. I did encounter one problem. The bottom drawer will not completely close until I lift up the next drawer, the top edge is a smidgen to tall. We found this out before I put makeup in it. We emailed the company and are waiting on what to do. It almost needs to be filed down just a hair. Other than that I am pleased, the quality of the acrylic is fantastic. Thanks for reading!

Update: emailed the company and they offered to refund me $30 or that they would sent a replacement drawer and have me measure. Apparently mine was the first box they made, so I got the prototype. I emailed back with the correct measurements, I want a new drawer, technically this doesn't work properly the way it is currently. When filled, I can't even open the bottom to drawers without lifting the one above it because it is such a tight fit, so it is a pain to even want to open the drawers. I am still waiting for an email back about when they will send a replacement, hopefully soon!

Update: I sanded down the drawer to make it fit and they refunded me the money, they were going to just send me a new box and I'd send this one back and I was impatient. Everything turned out well and I am still pleased with this purchase!

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