Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lime Crime haul/Review

While everyone was out shopping  Black Friday and abandoning their moral judgment, I was at home snuggling with my cat, a glass of wine (or three), and TRYING to get on the Lime Crime website. I succeeded and snagged 6 lipsticks and 2 velvetines
at 30% off. This is my second Lime Crime purchase (I ordered Babette and Geradium) and I am quite pleased with the shipping process and the customer service. I ordered: Coquette, Airborne Unicorn, Cosmopop, Glamour 101, Poisonberry, Great Pink Planet, Red Velvet, and Pink Velvet. Now, onto the quick review.....

Left to Right:
Poisonberry (berry purple), Airborne Unicorn (neon-ish purple),
 Glamour 101 (brick red), Coquette (nude peach),
Great Pink Planet (pastel pink), Cosmopop (creamsicle orange)
These vanilla scented lipsticks come in bullet style purple packaging and feature a unicorn on the tube. Each of the lipsticks were opaque in 2 swipes, especially the darker shades like Poisonberry and Glamour 101. There is no shimmer to these but there is a nice shine to them. The lighter milker shades wore for about two hours, while the darker shades wore closer to 5 with slight fading. 

Pink Velvet, Red Velvet

The velvetines were excellent. These wore well (6 hours with slight fading), and while I find them drying, that to me, is to be expected with a matte finish lipstick. Just make sure your lips are well moisturized and it shouldn't be a problem. 

Pros: The packing. Seriously, it is adorable, although it isn't for everyone, some people may not like it. The scent is similar to MAC lipsticks, that sweet vanilla scent, although, this is a tad to sweet for me, but I still find it pleasant (better than smelling like old lady lipsticks!) The opaqueness of each of the lipsticks is on point. I can get full opaqueness in one or two swipes. The velvetines are perfect, seriously no complaint. They are matte, so they tend to be more drying, but because that is how a matte liquid lipstick is, I can deal. 

Cons: Although the color selection of some of these shades are unique (cosmopop, airborne unicorn), I think there are very similar shades out there, like Glamour 101, it is your basic brick blue based red. While these lipsticks are very creamy, I also find them a little thick, and because of that they tend to leave lipstick lines on your mouth when you talks or press your lips together, mainly the milker shades. Another con is about an hour in my lips start to feel pretty dry. Lastly, because these are so creamy and on the thicker side, when I apply it to my lips, the lipstick tends to move and bleed a little, I used a lip brush and this helped, and I think using a clear lip liner would help.

I found that I have to work a bit more in order to make these lipsticks work. I think this is really on preference. The wear time is average for a creamy lipstick, and I never mind reapplying. Using a lip brush and/or lip liner with these doesn't bother me, but it is something to keep in mind. And I would recommend putting a balm under these and make sure your lips are well moisturized before hand, these will show imperfections in your lips. With that being said, I will use these and buy more. I do love the colors and the packaging, yes I am a sucker for packaging. Are these worth the money? At $18 for the lipsticks and $20 for the velvetines I think that is up to you. If you have money to splurge on a non drugstore lipstick, then I say go for it, especially the velvetines! You don't need to buy a more expensive lipstick to get great color pay off, but I think these are worth the splurge.

 Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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  1. I think that your spot on about doing a lip balm underneath for imperfections. I always do that for every lip product I wear simply because it always makes for smoother application. Great job lovey! Cant wait for more.