Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wet n' Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain

New to the drugstore are the Megaslicks from Wet n' Wild. Seems like every drugstore brand is coming out with a lip color in crayon form. These retail for $2.99 each (purchased mine at RiteAid) , which is a great price, and they even had an instant $1 off coupon attached
to each product, so I got each for $1.99. I picked up two colors, 129 Nude Colony and 127 A Stiff Pink (that is kind of a weird name, don't ya think? Just me?).

129 Nude Colony and 127 A Stiff Pink
These apply nicely, and they do apply as the name describes, "slick". I find them easy to wear, they don't feel slick and they don't give me any lines on the lips. The two I have can be applied more sheer or you can build them up, also they are nice and glossy. After about an hour the gloss has gone down but the color is still there, I imagine that is the staining. I really like the nude one especially, it is a nice peachy nude that doesn't make me look dead, I don't have to try hard to make this work. I think if you have more pigmented lips however, it may look different on you than someone who has not as much pigment in their lips. Overall, I like these. I think they compare nicely to other brands crayon lip product, like the Revlon and Neutrogena balm crayons. I recommend these, and for the price, you can complain! 
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