Thursday, January 2, 2014

NEW! L'oreal Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks

I have been searching everywhere for these and I have finally found them, alas. My display was full of them, I picked up two colors, it was a hard choice as there were many, but I ended up with 601 Nude Ballet and 103 Blushing Harmony and these retail
(at my rite aid) for $9.99.

Left with flash, right without flash
I've built up the color of each lipstick in the first swatch so
you can see you can build up color and the second swatch
is one swipe so you can see it can be sheered out
The packaging a lot of their other packaging. Gold. I do wish they would change things up a bit, I do like the gold, but I do feel like this gold with all their other packing feels....a bit old. Packaging aside, these apply beauuuutifully. Seriously. They feel silky smooth, like butter. So similar to the NYX butter glosses, just a little more thick. Something else I really like about these is the smell. These smell so good, not like their other lip products. The colors I got are more nude like, I didn't venture into the berry colors, perhaps I will now, but being more nude neutral colors, they are a bit sheer with one swipe. You can build these up, but just going over once or will give you a really nice color, but you can still see some of your natural lip color. I think the darker colors will be more opaque. In the swatches, I did the first swatch built up and the one next to it is the color with one swipe so you can see what I am talking about. They are nice and glossy, so ear time wasn't great. I got about an hour and a half. I didn't eat, but I drank some water. This is something you're going to have to reapply, that doesn't bother me, but something to take note of. Nude Ballet is my favorite of the two, it's a perfect pink peach nude. It doesn't make me look too washed out or dead, this just mutes out my lips a bit and I love that. Blushing harmony looks more of a deeper pink pictured than it is in person. It is a rosy pink and on my lips is a "my lips but better" color, just prettier.

For $9.99 I think these are a bit expensive for a drugstore lip product, but I think once these hit places like Target they will be maybe a $1 or $2 cheaper and you can always wait for a sale at CVS, Walgreens, or the like. I think these are worth a try and I am looking forward to picking up a few more!

EDIT: Target has these for $7.99!

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