Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Year, New Me?

I haven't written a blog post in what seems like months. I have not been really motivated by something and don't want to post something just to post it. This is passion people!!! (*wink*) As it is still January I thought i would post something about some of my new year goals.
I am not one to make resolutions. In fact, I can't remember a time where I've done one. While this year I didn't make strict promises, I wanted to improve and reflect over the past year(s). Here are the few things I came up with...!

1. Stop my "Stash"...
I have a lot of makeup. Seriously. A lot. It isn't the biggest collection, it isn't the smallest collection. I'm not ashamed of it by any means, but I want to make sure I'm using all. When I first started getting into makeup, I bought makeup just to buy it. I didn't have that whole "quality vs. quantity" ideal yet, I was just some crazed college student who loved....spending money. I find myself wanting something from new collection from brands across the board, just to want them. While I won't quit buying makeup, I want to make sure I don't have something obnoxiously similar. I mean, how many nude/pink lipsticks does one really need? So when I get the itch to spend, I will make a small pile of things I've bought but have forgotten. Simple enough. 

2. New Hobbie
Makeup. Lipstick. Hauls. Nail Polish. Makeup. Lipgloss. Eyeshadow. Pigments. Makeup. Primer. Blushes. Glitter. Mascara. Lipliner. Makeup. Makeup. Makeup. That is what goes through my mind...often. I want to do something else. I love my makeup. I freaking love it. But. I neeeeeed to have something else to occupy my time. Maybe something that doesn't cost an arm and 3 fingers. I haven't figured out what that hobby is. I have 11 months and a few days to think of one, but...it will come to me. Maybe knitting? Sewing? Making jewelry. Puzzles? Painting? I will think of something...

3. Healthy Living
A little over a year ago I decided to start making those little life style changes that will make a larger impact. I stopped buying soda and juice. While I buy the occasional orange juice, or that occasional 2 liter of Coke when we have special company, I am going to be that person who has water, tea, coffee, and almond milk to offer you. In this household we also don't buy chips, cookies, and junk on the regular. We have a fridge full of vegetables and a basket full of fruit. I find when I don't buy it, I don't crave it. We also stopped buying most processed foods, we don't buy spaghetti sauce or soups. Instead we've been making them. I could get more in depth, but that's boring. Yes, I totally cave sometimes, but I cave a lot less. Plus, I am getting older, junk food isn't the same. A friend and I had a big plans to watch movies one night and eat a bunch of junk. 5 Starburt in and half of a Sara Lee version of a Ding Dong later we realized we are just not cut out for it. So this year I want to continue that and improve where I faltered. We bought an elliptical this past summer and I have Zumba for the Xbox One, so I have no choice but to just...move. So my goal is to improve and continue a healthier lifestyle.

4. Quitting Perfume!
Well. Maybe not altogether. That was a bit dramatic, wasn't it? At the start of last year I started to clear out some of my perfume. It was getting bad. I had over 30 glass bottles of deliciousness I wasn't using. I came to this realization one sunny day as I sprayed my beloved Chloe Eau De Parfume on and realized something was a bit...off. Then it hit me. It went bad. It didn't smell rancid. Or necessarily bad. In fact, it still smelt really good, but it didn't smell how it was supposed it. I used almost half of the 2.5 ounce bottle that cost me a nice $120. I literally threw away money. I threw away a couple of the bottles that had expired (Generally, they last a few years) I then started using Poshmark to sell the rest that were well within their expiration date. I sold over 15 bottles and I now have about 10 still hanging around, a few I want to finish but I know I won't repurchase. A couple months ago, I started getting the itch to buy more perfume, so I made a compromise. When I want to buy a perfume, I will buy it in a roller ball first. This lets me indulge in something new, but without the commit of a full bottle--or the price tag. 
-A few of my favorite perfumes at the moment: Chanel Chance, Chanel Mademoiselle, See by Chole, and my new favorite Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. 
-One in my collection I love but will only repurchase in a roller ball Dolce and Babbana Light Blue
-A roller ball in my collection I will buy a full size of, Jimmy Choo (smells...like Heaven and sunshine) 

5. Read
I read a lot as it is. However, I'd like to read a new book every month in categories and authors I normally don't lean towards. I am currently reading a book by James Patterson called 1st to Die...yeah it does sound uplifting doesn't it?

Thanks for reading everyone! 

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