Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beauty Blender DUPE??

I am always on the look out for a more cost friendly alternative to my beloved Original Beauty Blender. I am on my fourth little pink friend and have one more stored away when this one gives out. They run for $20 or in a set of 2 for $30.
That is a pretty penny for a sponge, but it is just superior to other products that claim to do the same thing. While running some errands in town, I came across this sponge that looked really promising. The Precisso Beauty Blending Sponge looked 99.5% identical in size and shape as the Beauty Blender, just in green. This products claims to..."apply all types of makeup flawlessly, efficiently...made with prime quality, non-latex polymer, this blending sponge is soft and luxurious to the touch."

My first impression when taking this out of the package was that the sponge felt more dense, extremely more dense, in fact. I set the Precisso sponge next to the beauty blender and they are very similar in the way they look.  I tried to take pictures closer to the actual sponges so you could see the difference in textures.
Original Beauty Blender and Precisso Blending Sponge

I wet the sponge under the faucet like the directions said and it doubled in size. This is where the differences came in to play. This sponge is more of a foam. When I would squeeze out the water, it would come out in little water droplets, instead of a steady stream like the Beauty blender. I took a video of it because I wasn't sure if I could explain it correctly!

After I squeezed out the excess water, I went in with my foundation, I used the Make Up Forever HD foundation and started to go to town on my face. What a nightmare. This simply absorbed my foundation and provided me with hardly any coverage. I don't even know if I could say this blended anything. There is also a little hole at the bottom of the sponge, I am not sure what that is for, to maybe let out excess air? No idea.

Notice after I get it wet that there were already tears in the sponge. No no!

The Original Beauty Blender feels light, airy, and bouncy. It isn't dense. So it applies foundations flawlessly, this Precisso Blending Sponge did nothing but waste product. I can't recommend this whatsoever. This looked promising but the product itself was a fail for me. For now,  I will stick with my Original Beauty Blender for now.... :)

Thank you for reading!
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  1. Thanks for the first impression doll! :) I hear Real Techniques has a dupe for the beauty blender! I've been so excited to try it but it is always sold out when i go to Ulta

  2. I've tried the Real Techniques one! I only used it a couple times but left it at home when I went visited for the weekend! I would pick another one up but Ulta is a couple hours from me! Haha!