Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lorac Unzipped Palette Review & Swatches

It feels like I have been wanting the LORAC Unzipped Palettes for ages. I finally purchased mine this past week and....I feel complete. I absolutely love this thing. This palette is a mix
of cool and warms colors, both shimmery and some matte, while the tone of this is still neutral and wearable, the shades in this palette have a subtle rosy-ness to them. You also get a mini behind the scenes eyeshadow primer, which I already own the full size of and LOVE it.

The formula of these shadows are exceptional. Buttery, smooth, pigmented, and easy to blend. I do find some of the mattes shadows are a little powdery when I go in with a fluffy blending brush, but this doesn't change how the shadows preform. There are 10 eyeshadows. 2 full matte shadows, 2 matte/satin shadows, and 6 shimmer/metallic shadows. All of the shadows are named with an "UN" before them...get it? Unzipped palette? Cute, huh?

Undercover: light cream (matte-ish)...kind of hard to see, blends with my skin tone
Unbelivable: bronze with a hint of rose (metallic/shimmer)
Unattainable: deep gold (shimmer)
Unconditional: dirty rosy mauve (matte)
 Unbridled: cool plumy brown (matte-ish),
 Undiscovered: warmer gold (metallic/shimmer)
Unreal: light rosy gold peach champaign (shimmer/metallic)
Uncensored: brown/taupe (metallic/shimmer)
Unspoken: medium brown (matte)
Untamed: cool dark brown (shimmer)

Overall, I am thrilled with this palette. I lean towards neutrals and I like that this has a subtle rose tone to it. I think this is a good travel palette because I can create an eye look from just this palette because it has a matte/satin highlight shade, a couple difference matte blending shades and a range of shimmer shades to spice things up a bit. This palettes features a magnetic closure and thin cardboard packaging, but I don't think it feels flimsy or easily breakable. This retails for $40, and I think it is worth every penny!

Here is a look I did with the palette, lets ignore the watery eyes, eyeliner from my waterline sort of went into my eye!

I used Unconditional in my crease and blended it out. Then I added Unbelievable to my lid and blended it out with Unspoken. I added a bit of Unbridled into my outer crease, just a tad. I highlighted my brow bone with Undercover. Lastly, I mixed Undercover and Unreal for my inner corner. I used a Tarte mascara and lined my water line with Marc Jacobs Gel liner. I didn't put on foundation or concealer, I just did my eyes for this post, so lets ignore the fact on the close ups, ok people! ;)

Hope you enjoyed! 
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