Thursday, April 10, 2014

Too Faced : Bonjour Soleil

The only way I get a tan is by faking it and with a lot of bronzer. Too Face Chocolate Soleil bronzer is one of my all time favorite bronzers and when Too Faced released this bronzer palette I knew I had to snag one.

The palette features a matte bronzer, a shimmer bronzer, a highlighter, and a kabuki brush.

The matte bronzer is perfect for contouring. It isn't too muddy, orange, brown, or red. Just the perfect contouring shade. 

The shimmer bronzer is perfect to add onto the cheeks as blush or to put over your blush for a little glow. You can go heavy handed with this if your prefer or add just a tough for a slight glow. This isn't meant for contouring, just to add some glow as there isn't shimmer or glitter in this. I use this after I have contoured and just apply this with a fluffy brush over my cheek area. 

The swatches are of the two shades separate and the bottom swatch is the product mixed.

No flash


The highlighter is so pretty once you've mixed all the shades together, when you swatch them on their own, a couple of the colors are not pigmented, you just get a shimmer rather than color from them. I've swatched them all separate. 


no flash

Mixed together  

no flash


A pet peeve of mine about the highlighter was when swatching them with clean fingers it almost made a layer overtop the pink shade. I had to scratch off the top layer of it. 

I do really like this palette, pigmentation is right on. Even though I had a little trouble with the highlighter, it preforms well when the shades are mixed together, which is how I would apply with anyway because you would need a small brush to get in there for just one color. This palette retails for $44 and is limited edition. So jump on it!

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