Saturday, December 28, 2013

Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Nude 10

 Maybelline has recently come out with some new products, I am still waiting for my store to get the new lipsticks in, so I am waiting eagerly. What my store did have in was the new packaging for their eye shadows, cream blushes in stick form, and these
highlighting blushes. I picked up one in the color Nude #10.

I really like the idea of having more cheek products from the drugstore, I find there aren't that many that really stand out. This highlighter has patches of pinks and patches of nude flesh tones with a nice shimmer. I was scared this would be ridiculously shimmer, but it wasn't at all. It gives off a nice color with a shimmery finish that I find works well as blush, and on my skin tone cannot really be worn as just a highlighter, it just has too much color for me. When applied to the cheeks it give a soft natural color, not just pink and not just a gold brown, but a nice mix.I wore this on its own and got about 6 hours of wear before I saw slight fading around the edges and at the 9 hour mark it had faded quite a bit more. I think that is average, not amazing but also not terrible enough for me not to reach for it. I like wearing this best over a blush for some more color and shimmer, I am not a huge fan of just shimmery blushes as this tends to accentuate my pores.

Included in this is a brush when you open up the bottom with a mirror, the brush is crap, but I think in a pinch is would apply it alright, the mirror is a nice size. This retails for $9.99 at my RiteAid which I think is a bit steep, but maybe wait for a buy one get one half off or some sort of sale. These aren't limited edition, so Target and Walmart should get them, so I image they will be a couple dollars cheaper! Overall, I like this, I won't run out and get the other shades immediately, but I will enjoy using this!

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