Thursday, January 2, 2014

NEW! Physicians Formula Nude Wear

Every other Thursday my Rite Aid gets new cosmetics in, today was that day! They finally had a few new drugstore items out and I grabbed a few that caught my attention. Physicians Formula did that instantly, the packaging is completely adorable with
the baby pink "leather" encompassing a rose gold packaging, that reads on the more rose side of things than gold. Completely a sucker for packaging. In my display they had a concealer highlighting pen, bronzing powder, and blush. I grabbed the bronzer and the concealer highlighting pen. I must admit, I was thrilled with the idea that they came out with a concealer pen, I love mine from Maybelline and L'oreal and I was thrilled to see how this one would compare.
I chose the color Light Bronze for the bronzer and my display only had one color for the concealer highlight pen, so I don't know if there are more, but I just picked what they had!
Bronzer: $14.95    Concealer: $12.95

The bronzer isn't that much of a bronzer really. When swatched its about a shade darker than my skin tone right now. The shimmer on top of the product is an over lay and will come off when swatched or with the first use. The product itself is more of a...satin. It isn't completely matte but it does have a nice sheen. I would use this as the name describes, to bronze, definitely not contour, it isn't dark enough and I do prefer a matte contour, but this would look great on the outer perimeters of the face to just add a nice warmth to the skin and you can use it as a blush color or over your blush for a nice glow and a bit of color. It has a silky smooth texture so it blends nicely, I would consider getting a shade darker, and I am a light/medium in skin tone. This applies like a light golden bronze. For just about $15 I would wait until there is a sale of some sort, Physicians Formula always does great sales, either with a $3 off coupon and a buy one get one 50% off.
Left is a close up of the bronzer and to the right is both the
bronzer and the concealer, top is without flash, bottom

The concealer I am in love with. Again, this color was the only one I found so this isn't going to be a universal product for everyone. However, I do think it would work for people with a couple shades lighter than me and a couple shades darker than me. It isn't thick, so it isn't very opaque, but I like that. It is luminous without having shimmer in it, and I love that when I blend it under the eye it doesn't make me look ghostly. I find that with other luminous concealers they tend to be a bit too...white...maybe almost a bit grey with blended in and over my skin tone. This is the perfect amount of a pink/salmon color but also still a bit yellow, so it blends really well with my skin tone. I just really love this. I did set this with a powder when I tried it today, so I wouldn't know how it wears on its own, and I also only wore this for about 5 hours before I washed my face (I tried this when I got home!)

Overall I am pleased with these purchases. The packaging is a real perk for me and I really love how the concealer applies. I am probably going to get another shade in the bronzer eventually just to play with the shade range. If you have very pigmented skin you may want to skip the "bronzer" as it may just end up looking ashy on you. Thanks for reading, and let me know if you pick anything up!

p.s. I don't know if these are limited edition, my display didn't say anything, so as of now I assume these are permanent. Happy shopping!

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  1. I swear the packaging looks like MACS making pretty collection

  2. Thats exactly what I was thinking!