Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Clinique Cheek Pop Blushes

I have a new obsession. Actually, I always have an obsession, but for the time being, this is it. Clinique Cheep Pop blushes have changed my world. I will admit...I have never been a Clinique gal, but
I can't get enough of these blushes. I purchased all four colors for $21 and it contains 3.5 grams of product.

The formula is what sets these apart from other blushes. It is a powder blush that feels like a cream product. It isn't powdery whatsoever and blends like skin. These are pigmented, buttery, and extremely smooth. The finish isn't matte and isn't shimmery, more of a glow/sheen so this is perfect for more mature skin or those who don't want to emphasize pores or texture. This gives the prettiest glow from within look to the cheeks. The packing is adorable. The blush itself looks like a flower (daisy?) and is packaged in an acrylic compact. It feels weighty but not bulky. The four shades are Berry Pop, Plum Pop, Peach Pop, and Ginger Pop.

Berry Pop is a medium bright pink with blue undertones. You can see how smooth these are, just blend into the skin like butter.

Berry Pop

Plum pop is a cool toned pink with a hint of plum. When swatched it is lighter than Berry Pop, however, when it is applied to the cheeks there is little difference. 


Plum Pop, no flash

Peach Pop is a warmed toned peach with a touch of coral. 


Peach Pop, no flash

 Ginger Pop is a peachy red coral with the same satin finish as the others.


Giner Pop, no flash

Photos can't convey how pretty these really are. Here are some photos of all four shades swatched next to each other. 

Berry Pop, Plum Pop, Peach Pop, Ginger Pop (flash)

I want to show how similar these shades look to each other when blended out a bit. 

Berry Pop, Plum Pop, Peach Pop, Ginger Pop (no flash)

I think if you want to pick up more than one shade, I would choose Plum or Berry pop rather than both, and I would choose either Peach or Ginger pop, they just look so similar on the cheeks that it would be silly to buy both, unless you just want to own the set. Again, I love these, if you haven't tried one yet, just go swatch these and you will fall in LOVE!

Thanks for ready!

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